Claire Black – Keyboard Cunt Stuffing – Exxxtra Small

– Keyboard Cunt Stuffing – ExxxtraSmall # #
Claire Black is trying to study, but she cannot seem to shake her desire to get on the piano and try to remember how to play. All those years she spent taking lessons while growing up had to be worth something, right? She hops over to the keyboard, but as she fumbles with the music, her boyfriend starts to get some crazy ideas. He comes up behind this extra small sweetie and plops his cock down on the piano keys! Claire looks over and is shocked at the size of his wood. He picks her up, flips her upside down and then facefucks her. Then he bends her over and s his long staff into her tight, pussy. Claire may not have been much of a piano player, but she sure can sing when she has a cock inside of her!
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